Laura Gee Art Workshop - Refinery 29 x Adidas

I was thrilled to be asked by Refinery 29 UK to host an art workshop as a post run event in collaboration with Adidas at their London studio for women in London.  Refinery29 is an inspiring and empowering online platform for women who want to have thought provoking conversations and inspiration to live a more creative life. I decided to create a workshop using the techniques I use to create my abstract flower garden paintings.

It was an honour to be able to talk about how nature inspires my art, why I love abstract painting and the different techniques I use, which then about 40 women got to try out for themselves!  It was a great evening and some beautiful results using the different painting techniques Here are some photographs of the Abstract Flower Art workshop.

So Excited to announce my work is now at....

Laura Gee at Liberty London

I'm so thrilled that my paintings are now available in store at Liberty London as part of the Interior Emporium, a new curated floor in Liberty showcasing original art and design.

You can go visit and see some of my work in person on the third floor. I'll be updating you soon on the paintings available through Liberty. They will be showing the whole of my series in the upcoming weeks.

If you can't visit in person I'll be updating you with which paintings are on show and info to purchase through Liberty

There will be a few special in store events if you want to be invited to these events please sign up here....

Nature and the mind

Whilst creating my latest series I started to wonder why I am drawn to creating these paintings. My art is primarily a way to express my emotions, the vehicle I use for this is colour, and the other constant thread is that I keep reinterpreting nature. I realised recently that whenever I'm feeling really anxious, I go to the park and stare at the leaves on the trees, I find trees really calming, and the flowers in full bloom bring a joy to my heart. What I was doing was being present to that moment, looking at the leaves dance in the sunshine, or the flowers in full bloom, really looking it made me present to just that moment in time.

Nature can have such a positive affect on the mind, and living in London I realise I seek out this calmness in between the hectic busyness of the streets and traffic. There is always a new world you can be fully immersed in even if thats for 60seconds as you watch the private dance of the leaves overhead. There is great mystery to nature, and that is what also intrigues me and inspires me to paint. I hope that these emotions and energy come through in the art for you to see.




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Studio Series - Flower Garden Video

I've been busy creating a new body of work for a new series called 'Flower Gardens'. Whilst painting I take photos to document the process for myself and also to share online, I find it useful to try and see it with fresh eyes, and seeing it through a lens can achieve this new perspective.  

Each painting becomes a journey, as I work intuitively I never know where its going to end up, once finished I look back and see all the different layers, marks and colours interact and sometimes I think,'I did'nt do that',  it sometimes feels unconscious.  I get into a flow state where hours pass by where I  am mixing and painting colours, responding to the previous marks on canvas. Once I step back I see the new layer unfold, the painting grows before my eyes. I've been wanting to try and document this journey and filming is a way to achieve this. I am working out how to do this without it being intrusive to the creating.

So for now I have been documenting parts of the creative process, here is my first video showing more of the process of how the colour studies, flower studies and painting on canvas all build up to the final piece. Its a start and theres a lot to improve on, but I'm excited to video more of my inspirations and process in the studio in a way for me to learn more, and to share more with you about my practise.

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Studio Practise

simple, minimal, light and soft, unfolding onto the canvas as I start to mark new white canvases. Searching for simplicity and the essence of these natural organic flowers.

foliage studio laura gee
blue floral line studies laura gee

Matisse's 'Goldfish' is a reminder to be present.

This painting 'Goldfish' 1912 by Matisse has been inspiring my new series. The colours, brush strokes and the focus of looking at a small moment; the fish swimming.  Matisse is inviting us to stop and be present to this moment, to enjoy the colours, the movement of the fish, to just be for a second. This has inspired and helped me to understand my new work which has been based on flower gardens.

The pleasure of being present to small moments of nature everyday, such as the full bloom of flowers,leaves moving in the wind, the colours of a garden, these moments have inspired my new work. It is with that intention that I created this new series, to sooth, calm, inspire and energise, art just like nature can have a soothing and calming affect on the mind

summer series - inspiration

Inspiration and mood for my new summer series, I've been inspired by the full bloom of flower garden's, I've enjoyed cretaing warmer paintings inspired by Monet's waterlilies. This summer series has given me a new approach towards my paintings, using impressionist style of brushstrokes, mixed with my favourite artists Howard Hodgkin and Joan mitchell use of expression in colour and emotion, I'm excited to show the new paintings in the next few weeks. To be updated on when the pieces will be available online you can sign up to my newsletter below this post.

Spring Poetry - New Artwork
Spring Poetry
Reminder from poet  Nayyirah Waheed

Reminder from poet Nayyirah Waheed

mark making as writing - studies 

mark making as writing - studies 

Poem by Rilke as interpreted by the artist’ [Cy Twombly,  Coronation of Sesostris

Poem by Rilke as interpreted by the artist’
[Cy Twombly, Coronation of Sesostris

Details of new painting 'Love Poem'

Details of new painting 'Love Poem'

Recently discovered  ancient greek poet S appho.   'Midnight Poem'

Recently discovered  ancient greek poet Sappho.  'Midnight Poem'

details of 'Alive' painting   

details of 'Alive' painting


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I went to Hastings for a day trip at the weekend, as I returned to the studio this week I created some mark makings whilst thinking of the sea, the sensations of the pebbled beach underfoot, the salty air, the erosion. Also Inspired by Cy Twombley's  - poems to the sea , see below

        sea washes over me.  marks on pebbles.  erosion . skin.  take the salt back to the city.

        sea washes over me.  marks on pebbles.  erosion . skin.  take the salt back to the city.


Spring has arrived and with it a desire for lightness and softness in my work, and calmness in my life, I'm slowing down, marking the paper, tracing lines, making subtle washes with a dose of concentrated energy. I am also interested in adding more writing as markmaking .

The softness and subtly of the muted washes have also been inspired by one of my favourite artists Auguste Rodin, know for his sculptures, he also created beautiful drawings and watercolours of figures.

laura gee drawing spring poetry pink
Studio Portrait

The talented photographer and friend Ellie Smith visited my studio with her amazing Bronica camera and captured a few portraits of me in the studio, I love Ellie's dreamy photographs and how she captures light creating beautiful dreamy and intimate photographs.

Screen Shot 2017-03-26 at 11.01.26.png
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I've been looking back at my old drawings, these drawings  to me represent the start of my abstract journey, at the time I was creating observational drawings of plants and life models and realised I was more interested in the abstraction of the form, and the energy the subject matter represented to me rather than depicting it realistically. 

The immedicay and fragile nature of mark making and drawing has always excited me, it feels very intimate like seeing a handwritten letter. I love how marks can evoke such strong emotions and also can represent those emotions and intimacy in a very authentic way.

I'm excited to start drawing more into my paintings and see how these two elements interact. x

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I recently moved into my very first self contained studio, it feels great to have space to work in uninterrupted. Its full of natural light and have been settling in the last few weeks.  Here is a little peak into my new studio space.


'Often Monumental in scale, their works are at times intense, spontaneous and deeply expressive. At others they are more contemplative, presenting large fields of colour that border on the sublime. These radical creations redefined the nature of painting and were intended not simply to be admired from a distance but as a two-way encounters between artist and viewer'

I recently went to see the 'Abstract Expressionist' show at the Royal Academy, I had been excited all year for this long awaited exhibition, and to be honest, it left me in complete awe, overwhelmed and speechless at the sheer energy, scale ,power and breadth of the art movement. It is truly a mind blowing, inspiring experience, where I fell in love all over again with my favourite artists, I've listed my favourite 5 inspiring Abstract Expressionist paintings from the must see show,  (details at bottom of the post)

Here are my favourite 3 abstract expressionist paintings at the Royal Academy 'Abstract Expressionist show...

1. Williem De Kooning 'Woman as Landscape' 1965-66  



2. Joan Mitchell Salut Tom, 1979 . The exhibition ends with the largest single work in the show by the influential female artist Joan Mitchell, which is a 4 part canvas referencing Monet's Nymphéas'. The use of light, scale and energy in this piece is incredible and literally adds light to the final room.

3. Mark Rothko ' No. 15, 1957.  Going into a room dedicated to Mark Rothko's gigantic pulsating pieces can feel like going into the Notre Dame or an ancient temple, giving a feeling of transcendence and contemplation. On a side note Mark Rothko created murals for a Chapel in Houston, which he considered to be among his most important works, you can see the Rothko chapel here. Another Abstract expressionist painter Called Barnett Newman wrote this in his essay 'Sublime is now' on  American Painters  

“Instead of making cathedrals out of Christ, man, or ‘life,’ we are making it out of ourselves, out of our own feelings.”

royal academy, london -  Abstract Expressionism  - 24 September 2016 — 2 January 2017


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