To get started on your unique piece please get in touch with the following information....

  •  Your desired size of canvas
  •  Tell me 2-4 colours you would definitely like to see in the painting and any you definitely do not want. 
  •  Do let me know if you have a specific mood you would like .. calm/ bright, bold fun/ nature etc, its helpful to send a photo of where you plan to put the painting.
  •  Let me know which of my paintings you really like, incase you have something particular in mind,it could just be a part of a piece you really liked! You can see more images of my work on my instagram.
  • If you have 2-4 photographs that capture the style, colours, aesthetic you're looking for these are welcome too.

After we agree on the size , colours & mood, I shall send you an invoice for 50% of the price.  (This payment is non-refundable).

  •  Once this has been paid, I'll give you an estimate of the time needed to complete the piece -  about 4 weeks. If you need it by a certain time or have any time constraints do let me know.
  •  Once we agree the piece is finished,  I will send an invoice for the last 50% of the total price + shipping. Upon payment, I will send your unique painting to you!

Please let me know if you have any questions! Below is a list of size and price, if there is a specific size not listed just let me know! Thanks, Laura x

           SIZE -         (aprox in cm)               PRICE         

8" x 8 "        (20cm x 20cm)            £60

8" x 10"        ( x 25 cm)          £75

10" x 10"      ( x           £95

12" x 12"      (30cm x 30cm)             £120

16" x 12"      (40cm x 30cm)             £140

16" x 16"      (40cm x 40cm)             £160

16" x 20"     (40cm x 51cm)              £175 

20" x 20"    (51cm x 51cm)               £200

24" x 24"     (60cm x 60cm)            £275

30" x 24"     (76cm x 60cm)            £295

30" x 30"     (76cm x 76cm)            £350

36" x 24"     (91cm x 61cm)              £395

40" x 30"     (101cm x 76cm)            £495

40" x 40"     (101cm x 101cm)           £550

48" x 36"     (121cm x 91cm)             £850  

60" x 48"     (150cm x121cm)           £1500