Nature and the mind


Whilst creating my latest series I started to wonder why I am drawn to creating these paintings. My art is primarily a way to express my emotions, the vehicle I use for this is colour, and the other constant thread is that I keep reinterpreting nature. I realised recently that whenever I'm feeling really anxious, I go to the park and stare at the leaves on the trees, I find trees really calming, and the flowers in full bloom bring a joy to my heart. What I was doing was being present to that moment, looking at the leaves dance in the sunshine, or the flowers in full bloom, really looking it made me present to just that moment in time.

Nature can have such a positive affect on the mind, and living in London I realise I seek out this calmness in between the hectic busyness of the streets and traffic. There is always a new world you can be fully immersed in even if thats for 60seconds as you watch the private dance of the leaves overhead. There is great mystery to nature, and that is what also intrigues me and inspires me to paint. I hope that these emotions and energy come through in the art for you to see.