Redrawing the Flower

So far this year I’ve really enjoyed engaging with my drawing practise, these oil pastel drawings are so fun and joyful to create here’s some pieces and work in progress from the studio…

lauragee 2019 drawings.jpg
lauragee_drawings sketchbook.jpg
lauragee palm drawing.jpg
abstract flower drawing laura gee.jpg
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lauragee drawing 2019.jpg

I have found such freedom in these pieces and they have inspired a different approach I would like to translate into my my abstract paintings.

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Mediative Drawings

Drawing is thinking in a visual form, it is a way of slowing down, observing and bringing a quiet contemplation and attention to the present moment in time, in doing it can so produce a calm engagement with the world.


In between painting on canvas, whilst new layers dry; I have been quietly drawing on paper using watercolour, as a way to slow down and some quiet contemplation. 

 These drawings reflect my recent interest that observing and spending time in nature can affect our well-being positively, resulting in a enhanced sense of calm and reduce anxiety. It is these healing and positive feelings I have tapped into whilst on nature and whilst drawing.

When drawing these organic, botanical shapes repeatedly they work as mediative quiet watercolour drawings, with the intention to enhance well being and provide a sense of peace and calm. Observing natural forms helps alleviate stress wether in nature or on paper.

I shall be releasing a small collection of these drawings, to be notified on new art and to stay up to date with upcoming exhibitions and events you can sign up to the studio newsletter below. 

This week... A walk in the forest

How do we look at a scene what' do you take in what is left with you after you have left that place?

After walking in a forest the greens and textures and sounds become distilled into moments played out in these drawings.  I'm interested in how you can view art so you see the work on a macro and micro level just like looking out in a forest. Tony leaves and huge trees with the distances all on the same plane. It's a challenge and joy to try and translate moments and perspectives from nature into canvas.

forest drawings1.jpg
Studio Practise

simple, minimal, light and soft, unfolding onto the canvas as I start to mark new white canvases. Searching for simplicity and the essence of these natural organic flowers.

foliage studio laura gee
blue floral line studies laura gee


I went to Hastings for a day trip at the weekend, as I returned to the studio this week I created some mark makings whilst thinking of the sea, the sensations of the pebbled beach underfoot, the salty air, the erosion. Also Inspired by Cy Twombley's  - poems to the sea , see below

        sea washes over me.  marks on pebbles.  erosion . skin.  take the salt back to the city.

        sea washes over me.  marks on pebbles.  erosion . skin.  take the salt back to the city.


Spring has arrived and with it a desire for lightness and softness in my work, and calmness in my life, I'm slowing down, marking the paper, tracing lines, making subtle washes with a dose of concentrated energy. I am also interested in adding more writing as markmaking .

The softness and subtly of the muted washes have also been inspired by one of my favourite artists Auguste Rodin, know for his sculptures, he also created beautiful drawings and watercolours of figures.

laura gee drawing spring poetry pink