Floral Abstract Painting Workshops

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“This workshop has improved my self confidence in painting and taught me to be more free in my work. Thank you so much.” - Lynsey, workshop attendee

‘“Laura believes that by tapping into our creativity we can access our most powerful and authentic selves.I experienced this shift first-hand when I attended one of the workshops that Laura leads in her light-filled studio. We were guided by Laura through simple techniques to create layers in our artwork and then given space to tap into our intuition to see where it led us. 

It was a truly powerful experience, I felt my nervous system down-regulate to a calm, mellow frequency and felt connected, free and in flow. There is something very refreshing about being fully immersed in a process with no expectation or attachment to the result.” - Lyndsay, The Thread Journal

“My workshop experience was fantastic I had so much fun meeting everyone. The studio atmosphere or, workshop atmosphere that Laura created was incredibly positive & relaxing I think for everyone”

“Laura’s encouragement in the mini experimentations really helped me to feel that I could create a painting at the end that I would really love”

” Laura is a great teacher! She made everyone feel at ease and I thought it was great that Laura paid attention to everyone's work individually and pointed out positives”

“ I really valued Laura’s encouragement and enthusiasm, which I know from other classes is not a skill all tutors share! I left feeling relaxed and keen to try more. Having a couple of hours of enforced 'brain/breathing space' away from the usual stresses was also very handy!!” - Natasha, workshop attendee

“I really enjoyed the afternoon in your workshop and I found it really therapeutic” Gemma, workshop attendee