This week... Embracing Joy in Nature and Art


Recently I had the pleasure of going away to the beautiful Greek Island, Kefalonia, whilst there it was easy to embrace joy, by literally putting myself in the path of the joyful inspiring natural surroundings. I left feeling rested, inspired and joyful, ready to translate the experience of these joyful moments in nature back into my paintings in my London studio.


As my work develops I am embracing joy a lot more in my art, through colour, energy and subject matter. At the same time I feel a  resistance to it, with fearful thoughts such as 'its not serious enough, its too light or feminine'  These thoughts showing up have shown me that perhaps a lot of us hold ourselves back from embracing joy.


So to focus on what brings joy, I am going to be bold, to embrace joy, to paint joy and in doing so, hopefully pass that energy on,  inspire and uplift others through creating joyful art.

Here are some joyful photographs from Kefalonia, which is inspiring a new collection of paintings.

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