This week... Nature and Well Being


'In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks.' - John Muir

All my work is inspired by nature, the colours, the movement, the organic shapes found there. At first I thought it was just a visual interest, but as I found myself seeking out any small moment with nature through the city of London I knew it was'nt to do with just pure aesthetics.


Spending or focusing any small amount of time with nature, released a sense of calm, a happiness a clarity, a peacefulness that I am searching for in my daily life.

It was this sense of ease, and positive energy I am constantly trying to translate into my paintings,  to tap into that flow, that mystery and beauty that nature brings. But deeper than that, I was seeking out nature more and more to allievate stress and anxiety, as a way to heal, a natural anti-depressant.


My aim is to now research more into the positive effects nature has on our well-being, and can art that represents, hints, or expresses the nature of nature produce a similar affect on our well being.

I am going to read more about Biophilla, (a love of life and the living world; the affinity of human beings for other life forms) about the positive affects nature has on our well being. It is my greatest desire that my art can inspire positive feelings, enhance well being and to be a celebration of nature; and in doing so to take care of our world and each other.