Sparked My Heart

' Stay Close to anything that makes you feel alive' - Hafez

'Where the valley meets the mountain'

'Where the valley meets the mountain'

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The negative space holds as much as the positive, the space where the sea used to be, the space in this painting, the space within you. Whilst painting this I was reminded of a part of the  'Tao de Ching', a chinese philosphy which reads...

'We shape clay into a pot,

but it is the emptiness inside

that holds whatever we want.

we hammer wood for a house,

but it is the inner space that makes it livable'

This painting is a reminder about the importance of pausing, and the space created when we are still, that 'emptiness' holds things together. Just like the pause in music is as important as the note.


  • Measures 30x40cm/

  • White edges on slim canvas - perfect unframed or framed

  • signed and dated


  • This will be sent securely via tracked postage

  • If you have any questions please get in touch


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