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This week.. Autumn is here

As the season moves into the next, the colours around us change, berries come out, flowers retreat ,the leaves dance as they fall to the ground and the low golden light floods the sky as the evening comes to meet the day earlier and earlier. All this movement and change has been seeping into new paintings in the studio.


studio notes… blue skies , silhouettes , the work changes with every season, as summer becomes a faint memory, more drawing, new shapes, engaging in the shadows, the light and dark,

more plants less flowers, drawing free, elevating the negative space.

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This week... Embracing Joy in Nature and Art

Recently I had the pleasure of going away to the beautiful Greek Island, Kefalonia, whilst there it was easy to embrace joy, by literally putting myself in the path of the joyful inspiring natural surroundings. I left feeling rested, inspired and joyful, ready to translate the experience of these joyful moments in nature back into my paintings in my London studio.


As my work develops I am embracing joy a lot more in my art, through colour, energy and subject matter. At the same time I feel a  resistance to it, with fearful thoughts such as 'its not serious enough, its too light or feminine'  These thoughts showing up have shown me that perhaps a lot of us hold ourselves back from embracing joy.


So to focus on what brings joy, I am going to be bold, to embrace joy, to paint joy and in doing so, hopefully pass that energy on,  inspire and uplift others through creating joyful art.

Here are some joyful photographs from Kefalonia, which is inspiring a new collection of paintings.

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This week... Nature and Well Being

'In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks.' - John Muir

All my work is inspired by nature, the colours, the movement, the organic shapes found there. At first I thought it was just a visual interest, but as I found myself seeking out any small moment with nature through the city of London I knew it was'nt to do with just pure aesthetics.


Spending or focusing any small amount of time with nature, released a sense of calm, a happiness a clarity, a peacefulness that I am searching for in my daily life.

It was this sense of ease, and positive energy I am constantly trying to translate into my paintings,  to tap into that flow, that mystery and beauty that nature brings. But deeper than that, I was seeking out nature more and more to allievate stress and anxiety, as a way to heal, a natural anti-depressant.


My aim is to now research more into the positive effects nature has on our well-being, and can art that represents, hints, or expresses the nature of nature produce a similar affect on our well being.

I am going to read more about Biophilla, (a love of life and the living world; the affinity of human beings for other life forms) about the positive affects nature has on our well being. It is my greatest desire that my art can inspire positive feelings, enhance well being and to be a celebration of nature; and in doing so to take care of our world and each other.


This week... A walk in the forest

How do we look at a scene what' do you take in what is left with you after you have left that place?

After walking in a forest the greens and textures and sounds become distilled into moments played out in these drawings.  I'm interested in how you can view art so you see the work on a macro and micro level just like looking out in a forest. Tony leaves and huge trees with the distances all on the same plane. It's a challenge and joy to try and translate moments and perspectives from nature into canvas.

forest drawings1.jpg