Fleur is a collection of paintings on paper inspired by the last week of summer spent in the south of France and returning to an autumn in London. The colours are inspired by the transformation that happens in nature as a new season approaches. This collection is about embracing and being present to the beautiful richness that a change in life can bring. While creating this work I was inspired by this extract from a poem by Rainer Marie Rilke...

'Time and again we go out together, under the old trees, lie down again and again between the flowers, face to face with the sky'  Rainer Marie Rilke

'Fleur' Painting on Paper

'Fleur' Painting on Paper

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Inspired by the last of the summer blooms, and the movement and change that a new season brings, this is a multi layered mix media painting, using acrylic painting, crayon and pencil on 200gsm.

This painting was created by taking inspiration by printing techniques, this colourful and calming piece was created by reacting to printed marks on the paper, this painting is built up with layers of mark making, next to washy beautiful brushstrokes resulting in a beautiful unique painting that will add fresh colour to your walls.

Artwork measures 297 x 420 mm

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