About Laura:  Laura is an artist based in East London, Hackney,  where she creates intuitive, colourful and abstract paintings, drawings and ceramics. Her work largely represents nature and emotional states, while reacting to nature and the environment around her fragmented memories, dreams and everyday events all seep into her rich, layered and unique paintings.


About the work : I create original, intuitive, gestural abstract paintings, resulting in a chaotic harmony where the surface of the painting feels alive and full of energy. Through layering of paint and mark making I am reinterpreting nature and my personal human response to it and the every day.  There is a fine line between creation and destruction which also appears throughout my process. I have a need to make a mark, a gesture through applying paint energetically, as a response to the world and in doing so I make connection with things that at first seemed separate.

Inspiration: I am transferring my energy into the painting. I respond to my own emotions but also respond to the environment around me. One of my biggest inspirations is nature, and my interaction with the colours, energy and beauty I find there.
Painting to me is a way to get to my truest self to completely be in that moment, expressing my heart's desire.
I hope you enjoy my art work, and that they evoke feelings in you, as my art is really just a different way of talking and connecting to you.

Purchasing Artwork:  if you have any questions regarding  any of the artwork, or shipment process please don't hesitate to get in touch here or at hello@lauargee.co.uk. You can also find my work over at Etsy.

Commissions: If you are interested in a bespoke unique piece please have a read here , I look forward to co creating with you.

Contact/Links:   For any information contact me here or email  hello@lauragee.co.uk  To keep up to date with exhibitions and her process you can follow here  instagram  pinterest or facebook