Laura Gee

About the work


Laura's practise is about slowing down, observing and bringing a quiet contemplation and attention to the present moment in time.

Her joyful and calming paintings are inspired by being present to small moments of nature everyday in the city.

Laura's practise explores the notion that art just like nature can have a positive affect on our wellbeing, alleviate stress and anxiety.

'Spending or focusing any small amount of time with nature, released a sense of calm, a happiness, a clarity, a peacefulness that I am searching for in my daily life.

It is this sense of ease and positive energy I try to translate into my paintings, to tap into the flow, the mystery and beauty that nature brings. I seek out nature and painting it to alleviate stress and anxiety'

Her intention behind her art is to inspire positive feelings and enhance well being.

Her paintings are a celebration of nature; and in doing so, to take care of our world and each other.






                                      'A moment of gratitude' photo by Laura Gee