Laura Gee is an artist based in East London, Hackney,  where she creates intuitive, colourful and abstract art. She graduated with a BA from Manchester School of Art in 2009 and has since been creating and exhibiting work in London.

"Painting to me is a way to get to my truest self, to be completely in the moment, expressing my heart's desire. I hope you enjoy my art  and that they evoke emotions in you, as my art is just a different way of talking to you"


I create original, intuitive, gestural abstract paintings, resulting in a chaotic harmony where the surface of the painting feels alive and full of energy. Through layering of paint and mark making I am reinterpreting nature and my personal human response to it and the every day.  There is a fine line between creation and destruction which also appears throughout my process. I have a need to make a mark, a gesture through applying paint energetically, as a response to the world and in doing so I make connection with things that at first seemed separate.  I am transferring my energy into the painting. I respond to my own emotions but also respond to the environment around me. One of my biggest inspirations is nature, and my interaction with the colours, energy and beauty I find there.